Jewels for the Wanderlust at Heart


I am a big jewelry fan, I cannot go a day without wearing layers of necklaces and a ring on every finger. I truly believe no outfit is complete without jewelry. To me jewelry can represent who you are. It is a way to show your personality and show things that have meaning to you.

I recently started working with my favorite jewelry company ever, La Luna Rose. This jewelry reminds me of the best parts of life. When I wear it, I think about laying on the white sand in Florida, driving under rows of palm trees in sunny California, or exploring the beaches of Sydney, Australia. Whether you are on an adventure or dreaming of one, La Luna Rose has something perfect for you.

La Luna Rose designs makes simple yet beautiful jewelry and I would highly recommend joining the fan club with me! You can shop their collections here, Use my code LOVEACE for 10% your order.

Here are a few pics with some of my favorite pieces, hope to see some more La Luna Rose wearing babes soon!!!